The Truth About Weight Loss

Hello all, welcome to my Blog. As well as being really busy with clients a monster post has been percolating around my brain and I really want to get this right.

Unlike many personal trainers, I have never posted ‘before and after’ pictures of my clients, and it’s not because I don’t have any clients, or that they aren’t getting some amazing results. So why not? if it inspires people and gives them confidence I am good at my job?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. I do think before and after pictures, although inspirational, are a tiny bit cheesy. But more than that, my clients know I’ve been through a transformation of my own. So how can I ask them to do something I haven’t done myself?

Tough rhetorical question. Firstly, just because you have done something yourself, doesn’t make you a great teacher. My clients are not carbon copies of me, they have different personalities, lives and goals. My job is to help them reach those goals, whatever they are. So each road is different.

Secondly, a part of me does not want to sell out my old self. Because before was not ‘bad’ and now is not ‘better’. I don’t want to further encourage that way of thinking, which is all too widespread. There is nothing incompatible about liking yourself, just as you are, and making changes to become healthier and happier.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason, is I’m not finished yet! The immediate threat to my health as a result of being overweight is gone but I’ll be working on having a healthy, happy body and life forever! It’s not a chore, but a goal. And I think most of my clients, however far they have come or still have to go, would say the same.

But at the end of this post, for the first time, I will!

So why do it now? Well, last week I saw an advert on the back of a bus for a non-surgical fat loss programme. There was a picture of a clearly very overweight woman, and apparently 16 weeks later there she was looking slim and happy. And it reminded me of how I used to think. ‘I’d do anything for 16 weeks. Where do I sign up?’ And that’s what finally pushed me into writing this.

That mentality kept me overweight for most of my twenties. New fad diet? I’ll buy the book! Slimming clubs? Clearly works for some people, sign me up! Marathon runners are well skinny! I’m jogging five days a week, why not me? Gastric band? Can’t pretend I didn’t look into it. WHAAAAT?!

The point is ‘quick’ fixes are often not really quick. If anyone tried to sell you a diet which promised you weight loss in ten years, would you buy it? I don’t think so. But in my experience you can waste so many years of healthy life with these things. For me, the point at which real change happened was between the second and third picture. And it was all in the mind. I decided to stop caring about the scales and just focus on feeling better by eating well and exercising. I still made loads of mistakes, and I could have done it faster. But now when I walk down the street and see an advert for meal replacement shakes I think ‘No way! You reckon I’m a sucker?!’ I’m immunised against quick fixes. And I strongly recommend for lifelong health (and wealth) you start working on that too.

This post is getting epically long, but to finish I’d like to invite you to be part of something new.

Ladies and gentlemen… introducing the Before and Happily Ever After Project!
I’ve been brave and showed you how I changed, however long it took me. And in the coming weeks and months I’m hoping to bring you in their pictures and words the progress stories of my clients. Let’s see how real people do it. I’d love it if you shared your story too.

If you’ve found this post helpful please do share it.

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Rachel xx

Weight Loss

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