One to One


One­‐to­‐One personal training packages

One‐to‐one personal training offers the potential for the fastest and most effective results, because the entire focus is on finding an approach to food and training that is right for you. Sessions can be delivered in the gym at Elite, at your home, or outdoors.

All our one to one personal training packages include:

  • BodyKind MOT, a benchmark assessment of your health and fitness levels. This includes measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure and body fat levels. Some tests may be repeated at intervals to measure progress.
  • FoodKind nutrition coaching. This involves analysis of a one‐week food diary, with a follow‐up report with recommendations which are specifically tailored for you.
  • FoodKind guide, with information and advice on finding an approach to nutrition that works for you.
  • Ongoing coaching and support in person and via phone and email on all aspects of your training and nutrition programme.

Prices start at £120 for four sessions.
Discounts are available for training more than once a week

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