Hello! I’m Rachel Hollingworth, and I’m lucky enough to be a personal trainer.
I think helping people become all that they can be and seeing their confidence soar is the best job on the planet. I like hillwalking, lifting heavy things, cooking for friends, yoga and rock music (of the big hair variety). I occasionally sing karaoke very badly, for which I have no excuses.


I haven’t always been a fit outdoor‐exercise‐loving girl though. After leaving university my life looked very different. I was very overweight as a result of a typical student beer and pizza lifestyle, constantly tired, and had borderline high blood pressure. I became quite ill with gallstones, and ended up needing surgery. I knew I wasn’t healthy and did make a few attempts to address it through attending slimming clubs, eating a low fat diet and jogging. I felt like I was doing all the right things and was genuinely hungry a lot of the time, but I never got the results I wanted. This went on for nearly a decade as I climbed the career ladder and became a senior manager in (ironically) the NHS. In the end I started to think there was something physically wrong with me which meant I could not lose weight.


Everything changed on a trip to Japan in 2010. After two weeks of being active every day and eating delicious (coincidentally healthy) Japanese food I felt like a different person. I looked much healthier, and was amazed to see when I got home that I had lost 5lbs. My journey to becoming a personal trainer started that day, because I decided to trust good nutrition and exercise do work and put a plan in place. I fell in love with feeling better, and decided to make it a priority for the rest of my life. That’s why I called my company Love Sweat.


If you are thinking of working with me you can be absolutely confident that I know exactly what every step of the road to health and fitness feels like. Whilst it can seem overwhelming to begin with, I promise that if you keep faith in what you are doing you will succeed. You can feel better, and I’d love to help.


Here are my qualifications:

  • CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor – December 2011, YMCAfit
  • CYQ Level 3 Fitness Testing – December 2011, YMCAfit
  • CYQ Level 3 Outdoor Fitness – February 2012, YMCAfit
  • CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – May 2012, YMCAfit
  • CYQ Level 3 Exercise Nutrition – September 2012, YMCAfit
  • Emergency First Aid at Work – July 2012, St John Ambulance

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