Hello! Welcome to Love Sweat, a personal training company based at Elite Performance Fitness in Stockport, near Manchester. Our mission is to help everyone be kind to their body and mind; through eating well, having fun, and being fit for the life they choose.

We believe life is amazing and every moment matters. In an ideal world we would all have a healthy balance of time spent on work, health, family, friends, and… just the stuff that has to be done! However, in the real world it is all too easy for health to come last on the list. We think that is a shame, because you are so much more than your job. Everyone deserves the amazing feeling of inner vitality and happiness which comes with being fit and healthy. But the good news is you can start work on feeling better now.


The Love Sweat approach is based on kindness. It might start with benchmarking your health and fitness, because that can be helpful in deciding what you want. But after that we will encourage you to focus on the process, and being as kind as you can to your body by giving it the right things. This means good food, effective training and a healthy dose of fun!


We’ll help you:

  • Define goals which are meaningful for you
  • Make sustainable changes to help you reach your goals

All we ask it that you trust that consistency over time will deliver results, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. If you truly want to feel better, then we’d love to hear from you.



We cover all areas of Stockport including Bramhall; Cheadle; Cheadle Hulme; Cheadle Heath; Edgeley; Gatley; Reddish; South Reddish; Heaton Moor; Heaton Chapel; Offerton and Marple.

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